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Kindersley Aquatic Centre

300 5th Avenue East

Kindersley's Aquatic Centre is a brand new indoor swimming facility that houses a 6-lane Olympics-sized lane pool, a 2500 sq. ft leisure pool, 150 ft. waterslide, and 20-person hot tub and is scheduled to open in March 2019. It is a $6.6 million investment that supports a broad variety of recreational, leisure, and therapeutic programs and activities for all ages.

Construction on the Kindersley Aquatic Centre began in summer 2017 by a design build consortium of Pro-Bilt Structures Ltd. and Western Recreation. The facility replaces the former Kindersley pool, which was closed in 2014.

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Aquatic Centre Staff

We are looking to assemble a team of enthusiastic, skilled, and highly engaged employees to work as lifeguards and pool staff for Kindersley's Indoor Aquatic Centre, opening in 2019. If you are interested in applying or learning more about the opportunities available (including required training and certification processes), contact us at 306-463-2675 or click here to email us.

Aquatic Centre Pricing

We are getting close to the opening of our new Aquatic Centre! We are expected to have things running in March 2019! Here's a sneak peek at the prices for membership passes. They will be available coming up in December! Stay tuned for more information!

Daily Admissions

10 Bulk Passes

Monthly Membership

Annual Membership

Swim-Gym Annual Membership


(2 Adults & Immediate children)






(Ages 65+)






(15% discount)


(Ages 19+)






(20% Discount)


(Ages 13 - 18/Post Secondary Student ID)






(18% Discount)


(Ages 3-12)






(Ages 0-2)





Child Minding





Swim – Gym Annual Membership:

We have partnered with Anytime Fitness Kindersley, to offer a annual Swim – Gym Membership for our facilities. This membership is offered at an adult rate, senior rate and student rate. A person must be 16 years of age or older to purchase this pass.

To purchase a Swim-Gym pass one must purchase an annual pass from either Anytime Fitness of the Kindersley Aquatic Centre at full price, present that pass to the opposite organization and purchase their annual pass for a discounted rate, then return to the original place of purchase an receive a refund for a discounted amount to the full price annual pass purchase. As an example, you purchase a full price annual pass from Kindersley aquatic centre, then you take that pass to Anytime Fitness and purchase an annual membership from Anytime at a discounted rate, then you take your Anytime Fitness pass back to the Kindersley Aquatic Centre and receive a refunded amount for your Kindersley Aquatic Pass based on if you are a senior, student or adult. This also works the other way.

To inquire about this unique opportunity contact Chantelle Benjamin at chantelle.b@kindersley.ca or Angela Cullen at (306) 463 4967. Make sure to like and follow Anytime Fitness Kindersley on Facebook and Instagram.

Child Minding Service:

We are putting together our Child Minding program. The idea of this is for the parent or guardian to be able to use the Kindersley Aquatic Centre and associated facilities while the Child Minding service takes care of their child. We are planning to offer this service during times such as Aqua Fit classes, Lane Swim, Parented lessons, etc.

Child minding is for children 7 years of age or under. Children can be in Child Minding for a maximum of 2 hours.

Grand Opening

We will hopefully be able to open to the public in March.

What is left to be done?

We have water in the pools, but that doesn’t mean that the pool is ready to be swam in. We need to add chemicals to the pool and be able to balance these chemicals. The Kindersley Aquatic Centre staff will be participating in training so we can make our pool a safe and fun environment.

Surrounding Community Pools

The Town of Kindersley is surrounded by valuable communities with much to offer. Some of these surrounding communities have seasonal swimming pools which offer aquatic activities and aquatic education.

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